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Semi Permanent Make Up, What is it?

Semi Permanent make up, otherwise known as Micro pigmentation is cosmetic tattooing. This is where top quality pigment's are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. 

Many of my clients would agree the results from semi-permanent make up can give a 'face lift' effect, for example, the eyebrows frame the entire face and by having Micro pigmentation to the area gives the eyes an instant lift giving the whole face a much younger appearance. This treatment is perfect for those who like to travel whether it be for a ski break or a sunny beach holiday as semi-permanent make up is of course water resistant. SPMU (semi permanent make up) is also great for all those busy mums out there who struggle to find the time to apply make up every day. Every client is different and requires different results. Some clients want to achieve a very natural look while others wish for a more defined look. It is one hundred percent the clients choice and this will be discussed in great detail during the consultation along with other important aspects such as colour tones and face shapes.

Who benefits from Semi Permanent Makeup?

  • Men & women of all ages
  • Those interested in saving time
  • Women who want to achieve  twenty-four hour natural looking beauty and comfort
  • Women who have trouble with make up wearing off or smudging
  • Sports enthusiasts of all kinds
  • People with poor eyesight who wear contact lenses or glasses
  • Women who have an allergic reaction to conventional make-up
  • People wishing to correct certain facial asymmetries
  • Accident and burn victims and people with unsightly scars following surgery
  • People suffering from loss of pigmentation
  • People suffering Alopecia (loss of hair), whether permanent or temporary (e.g. following chemotherapy)
  • Women who want to restore “unfortunate” dermapigmentation

How long does it take to have a treatment?

The appointment will last approximately one hour, this is based on one procedure. If multiple procedures are being undertaken then a longer appointment will be needed.

How long does it last?

Once you have had your 'top up' the procedure should last for several years. Over time the colour will fade slightly but you can always come back for further 'top up's' in the future. 

Does it hurt?

Every client is different. Some client's say they experience no discomfort what so ever while others say they feel a little discomfort. I do use anaesthetics to minimize any discomfort. Many people say the feeling is similar to having their eyebrows waxed or plucked. Once the procedure is complete all discomfort, if any will totally disappear. 

Why do I need a second appointment?

A 'top up' is strongly advisable to ensure your treatment last's but to also perfect the look that you wish for. It is always better to under-do the face then over-do as once you are all healed you can see the true result's from the first treatment and on the second treatment you can then decide if you would like to go darker or thicker, for example. 

What about after care?

After care will be discussed in great detail during the consultation, any creams or drops needed will also be provided and a printed out step by step guide to looking after the treatment area.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions by clicking HERE.