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Eye Liner / Lash Enhancement

Eye liner can be the most effective way of drawing attention to a woman’s eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with thick, long lashes and I know what a difference eyeliner can make. By implanting a thin dark line along the base of the lashes, top, bottom or both, this will emphasise the lashes making them look thicker and darker. No more tired eyes first thing in the morning! Sometimes, implanting small dots between the lashes can make them appear thicker also. Eyeliner, otherwise known as Lash Enhancement is actually the simplest and quickest of all procedures and gives such great results. My aim is to always achieve a natural but enhanced look to all my client’s however if you require a very specific and individual look and maybe would like a much thicker eye liner then this can be achieved but will require multiple visit’s to build up the eye liner over time.

Top Up's

A top up will be required for all procedures. Although it’s not compulsory I do strongly advise every one of my clients book in for one. This normally takes place between 6-12 weeks after the procedure. It will ensure that your desired look lasts but will also enable me to perfect your eyeliner once the healing process has completed.

Wake Up With Make Up

All procedures take a minimum of 2 visits, the first appointment with consultation and the second being the 'Top Up'. I believe 'Less is Best' so the desired look will be built up over the two appointment's to ensure no one is overdone.

I advise that your first appointment creates a softer effect which can be altered on your second visit giving more definition and depth. if required. 

Each visit should be spaced out between 6-12 weeks and any 'top up' booked any later than 16 weeks after the first appointment will be treated like the first procedure, this will also affect the cost of the treatment. .

A 'colour boost' is recommended every 12 - 18 months to keep your make up looking crisp and fresh.